Challenge accepted...

Digital services are making our life easier; we are doing everything online - from shopping to learning, from travel booking to watching TV shows…The shift to digital has its impact on public sector as well.

In 2008 a decision to automate local tax ecosystem using digital technologies was made; thus the story of IUnetworks began...

A team of 10-15 young enthusiasts accepted the challenge to “create the impossible” and to change the whole tax ecosystem of the Armenian Republic. It was not just converting paper forms into an online format and even not only reducing the time spent on filing taxes, but fundamentally changing the structure of trust and the direction of review and challenged the work of the tax authority.

The initial project was implemented in 2009, and in 2010 the Armenian tax system, in the face of the State Revenue Committee, became a full member of the Intra-European Organization of Tax Administrations (IOTA). Later the whole system has expanded by adding new functionalities and new business processes adopted by the State Revenue Committee.

Automated VAT Refund System, Electronic Tax Filing, e-Invoicing, Electronic Cash Register Machines Management System, and Risk-Based Selection System; all these components merged into one complete B2G product – TaxPayer 3.0. Currently, all invoices in Armenia are generated through the system totaling in 30 million transactions per year.

In 2015-2017, e-Procurement and e-Customs solutions followed, and the IU team grew significantly up to 200 employers.

toward worldwide success

Our mission is to achieve international success and already took the first step in this inspiring journey. We have knocked the door to success by participating in leading expos showcasing the latest and most efficient technologies and strategies in the field of customer engagement.

We participated in the public, and government sector tenders announced by Government of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and won. Now we have an established position in the overseas market and IUnetworks flashes on the map of leading software solutions providers.

intelligent solutions for productive business

Alongside, IUnetworks also started to develop efficient enterprise-level solutions aimed to enhance business productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Using software development expertise and latest technologies, IUnetworks has designed and developed scalable and robust solutions for a wide range of industries and business segments.

Billing and CRM, Contact Center and SupportBot, Fleet Tracking System, Elevator System Management, e-Wallet and e-Sign, as well as IPTV/OTT solution – diverse and impressive bunch of products based on customers’ business needs.

To ensure the excellence of provided solutions, IUnetworks undertakes quality management for each product development including requirements management, product design, architecture and programming, quality assurance, documentation and technical support.

Today’s IUnetworks’ team consist of Certified Quality Assurance specialists, Business Analysts, and Product Managers.

our values